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About Us

Culture is everything!

Westcor’s core values start with a commitment to serve its customers with a level of service never seen before in the marketplace. We focus on fostering an environment where innovation is plentiful wherever you look in our business and we achieve this whilst adhering to the highest compliance standards.

We strive to employ the best, smartest and greatest forward thinkers in the industry, who share the same goal to empower and support our clients, providing the tools, technology, and products that our clients need in a marketplace, where we see title differently and are blazing the trail.

It is these values that go to the core of our DNA.

Titlesolv Chris

“We recruit some of the greatest minds in the industry, who provide some of the most innovative solutions that I have ever seen, and together they deliver an unrivaled level of service that fills me with a sense of pride every day!”


Christopher Taylor

Corporate Development Director