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Perfect Title

Perfect Title for Portfolios

Perfect Title for Portfolios provides the reassurance lenders, investors and property owners when acquiring a portfolio of property assets or loans, whether performing or distressed. Our depth of expertise in underwriting portfolio transactions stretches back many years. In addition to being able to accommodate the usual transactional issues, such as search and defective title our Perfect Title solution can also include fraud, forgery, capacity, lack of security documents and many other defects that can prejudice the validity and enforceability of underlying secured debt and the marketability of the assets. The portfolio solution can take the pain out of the due diligence process reducing time and expense providing effective portfolio management, whilst protecting all stakeholders.

Perfect Title for Lenders

Risk management and asset security are top priorities for institutions lending against or investing in property, whilst capital and balance sheet management are amongst their greatest challenges in an environment where borrowers demand that mortgage originators complete their transactions quickly. Titlesolv’s Perfect Title products offer a “cast iron” guarantee, rather than a mere indemnity: the insured is not required to prove a loss and all claims are settled within six months, under our unique 6 month “cure or pay” promise. In addition to providing an unrivalled borrower experience, this unique wrapper can enhance fundability for lenders and investability in the capital markets. This is the “go to” solution for the mortgage makers of today.

Perfect Title Purchaser Protect

Purchaser Protect builds on the foundations of Perfect Title for lenders. It provides a unique solution for homeowners & residential property investors in the UK guaranteeing the market value of the property asset, and assigns the risk of defects in title as well as other transactional issues that arise during title diligence such as erroneous search results. Protection is also afforded for undiscoverable risks including fraud, forgery, negligence, as well as the property belonging to someone else. All stakeholders benefit from the protection including the owner, lender and solicitor acting for the buyer. Purchaser Protect allows the conveyancer to work with the insured to tailor the title diligence process to suit the transaction pace and other requirements and any known title defects can be included under within the policy. Purchaser Protect also provides the same “cast iron” guarantee, where the insured does not have to prove loss and the benefit of our unique 6 month “cure or pay” promise.

Perfect Title Bespoke

The trigger for a bespoke solution is usually at the point of transfer of title and or refinance where a unique transaction requires a unique solution. Transaction values can be of any size and the number of assets can be anywhere from one to ∞ involving residential, commercial, development and mixed-use transactions. This can provide a unique solution when dealing with complex transactions such as data centres or renewable energy sites. Whether you are the seller or the purchaser, our Perfect Title solutioned can be tailored to meet specific transactional needs.

Our UK Perfect Title Policies are underwritten by AXA XL under XL Catlin Insurance Company UK Limited rated A+ (Stable) by AM Best and AA-(Stable) by S&P.

Our Irish Perfect Title Policies are underwritten by AXA XL under XL Insurance Company SE rated A+ (Stable) by AM Best and AA-(Stable) by S&P.

Even the simplest land and property transactions can be daunting and risky for our clients. We provide the protection and reassurance they need.

Kirsty Noble, Director, Scotland & Northern Ireland and Solicitor

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