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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Plan & Our Working Arrangements

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Plan & Our Working Arrangements

Image: Protecting our lenders against the unknown

As a valued client and partner of Titlesolv, we are writing to let you know about our business continuity procedures during the Delay phase of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). There are daily updates from Government and we are undertaking precautions and taking additional measures to protect our staff, our clients and all those we work with.

Awareness & Prevention

  • As guided by UK health bodies, all staff have been advised to follow recommended infection control. These include regularly washing hands, using alcohol based hand sanitiser and anyone with a cough or fever will immediately self-isolate.
  • Staff have been advised that, where possible, they should not travel and any of our team members returning from high risk areas are to follow the recommended quarantine protocols.
  • All meetings will be via telephone or platforms such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, depending on our clients’ preference.  Any face to face meetings will be kept to a minimum and should a meeting like this be required, we will ensure all social distancing standards are adhered to.
  • Through our in-house systems, we will be updating our staff daily on any new developments.

Business continuity

  • Our business operations and service for our clients will continue as normal. Our service is dependent on robust technology and IT infrastructure, therefore you should not experience any issues in relation to operating your policies or case matters.
  • To ensure we are prepared for any eventuality, all staff have been asked to take home their computers and chargers when they leave the office. Our team can be contacted by email and mobile phone and all direct dial phones will be diverted to their specific mobile number.
  • Our remote access systems are highly secure. Staff will be able to login to a VPN system in the usual way.

Keeping you and our staff informed

We will continue to monitor Government guidance and implement the actions accordingly.  Should any significant change take place, we will contact all of our clients and those who work with us to update you on next steps.


In these uncertain times and challenging situations such as this, our thoughts go out to all those affected and we hope that you stay safe.

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