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Josh Astbury-Dennis: Pioneering New Frontiers as Head of Schemes

Josh Astbury-Dennis: Pioneering New Frontiers as Head of Schemes


Image: Josh Astbury-Dennis, Head of Schemes

Ambitious, insightful and growth-oriented, our Head of Schemes, Josh Astbury-Dennis, is at the forefront of Westcor International‘s new product development and technology strategy. Coupling technical expertise with visionary thinking, he is helping Westcor International to create game-changing products for lenders, portfolios and single-asset transactions.

Bringing with him a wealth of experience from his tenure at DUAL Asset, Josh has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate a broad spectrum of residential and commercial risks. His expertise spans development, renewable, and title wrapper portfolio risks, not only across the United Kingdom but also in Europe.

Undoubtedly his track record speaks for itself, with a proven ability to develop and maintain highly successful accounts, but what sets him apart especially is his commitment to finding innovative solutions where others may falter. His passion for information systems and computer software fuels his belief in the transformative power of technology to enhance the underwriting process, delivering tangible benefits to both underwriters and clients.

As he notes, at Westcor International, disruption is more than a buzzword—it’s a philosophy that drives the company’s evolution in an industry intrinsically tied to risk. “One of the fundamental values we have at Westcor International is a commitment to being a disruptor for an industry that has to continuously evolve,” asserts Josh, emphasising the company’s relentless focus on innovation.

While his career is already impressive, Josh is only just getting started – and he is certainly one to watch, leading the charge in shaping the future of underwriting and fueling Westcor International’s position as a forward-thinking leader in the market.

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