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Kevin Mills: Charting Growth and Expertise in Insurance Underwriting with Westcor

Kevin Mills: Charting Growth and Expertise in
Insurance Underwriting with Westcor

Image: Kevin Mills, Director

Kevin Mills, the newly appointed Director at Westcor, brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to his role, eager to invigorate the UK market and set the stage for broader growth.

Kevin’s professional journey is marked by an unexpected, yet undeniably successful, transition from law into insurance. His tenure at firms like First Title and Legal and Contingency not only honed his underwriting skills but also provided a diversified perspective crucial for navigating the intricacies of the industry.

“My career’s been an ongoing learning curve. I’ve always embraced each role, learning from both successes and challenges,” Kevin explained, highlighting his evolution into a more comprehensive, commercially astute underwriter, especially during his time at Aviva.

Reflecting on key milestones, Kevin recalled his first rights to light policy, a groundbreaking moment that kickstarted his specialisation in insurance. At Aviva, his most memorable feat was steering substantial growth, catalysing a dormant business into one that presented self-sustaining success and promise by the time he left.

However, challenges, like low conversion rates in the allied market and staffing constraints, persist. Kevin emphasises the importance of efficient workflows, selective client engagement, and the ability to make informed decisions swiftly, traits pivotal in today’s dynamic insurance landscape.

Evolving Industry Dynamics and Westcor’s Unique Appeal

When it came to finding the next challenge, Kevin wanted something that offered future evolution and growth. He understands the industry’s evolving focus, with a departure from pursuing all business to a more targeted approach and found Westcor’s ethos aligning seamlessly with this shift. The company’s niche, boutique underwriting service and ambition to expand without compromising quality intrigued him, setting the stage for his directorial role.

“Westcor’s understated, yet impressive presence in the market hooked me. Their ambition and layers of untapped potential were immensely compelling,” Kevin elaborated, expressing excitement for the company’s future trajectory.

Indeed, Kevin anticipates Westcor’s growth not solely within the UK but also globally, leveraging its adaptable product model and reinforcing the brand’s foothold in new territories.

“Geographic boundaries won’t confine us. Westcor’s potential transcends borders,” Kevin exclaimed, hinting at the company’s broader international aspirations.

Balancing Passions Beyond Work

Beyond his professional endeavours, Kevin indulges in fly fishing and golf, though admits his golf skills might need a touch-up. His wine collection stands testament to his appreciation for finer things in life, although finding time to savour these hobbies amid his commitments remains a cherished aspiration.

With a passion for growth, an astute understanding of industry nuances, and an eye for strategic expansion, Kevin Mills is a welcome addition to the Westcor team, at a time when they’re already making leaps forward.

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