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Kirsty Noble: Director, Scotland & Northern Ireland and Solicitor

Kirsty Noble: Director, Scotland & Northern Ireland and Solicitor

Image: Kirsty Noble, Director & Solicitor

For Kirsty Noble – a seasoned property solicitor and title insurance underwriter – there is no greater reward than taking the tension out of property transactions.

While Kirsty Noble often finds herself involved in high-stake negotiations to enable multi-million-pound developments to proceed, Westcor International’s Director for Scotland & Northern Ireland is no stranger to taking the tension and risk out of convoluted transactions.

Indeed, the Scottish qualified solicitor, who worked across all areas of commercial property in private practice and served as an underwriter for another major title insurer, believes that experienced underwriters, expert real estate knowledge and a composed approach to complex transactions are the cornerstone of Westcor’s approach.

“The focus of our role is to mitigate title risk and take the pressure off clients – you can only do this with an experienced team and an extensive range of policies” explained Kirsty, who studied law at the University of Strathclyde and has previously held senior positions on the commercial real estate teams of Morisons LLP and Blackadders LLP.

“Westcor’s sector-specific insurance products protect an insured party against tailored losses arising from title risks and remove the uncertainty and delay from any real estate transaction for project stakeholders.”.”

Westcor International is wholly owned by Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, America’s fifth-largest independent title insurance company and part of a group of companies with an annual income in excess of $1.5 billion. It is this affiliation that opens up extensive opportunities for safeguarding diverse and challenging real estate developments.

“Having worked as a solicitor for over a decade and also as an underwriter previously, I have experienced the anxiety that comes with identifying an overlooked title issue with a property. Solicitors and conveyancers value informed underwriting, commercial acumen and quick service which is what we strive for here at Westcor. An in-depth understanding of land registration procedure, caselaw and legislation is the foundation for our flexible approach to underwriting.”

It is this technical expertise, first-hand experience and bespoke insurance products that Kirsty believes give the company its competitive edge. Leading the rapidly expanding office in Glasgow, she is determined to build on the team’s transactional background, legal acumen, and exceptional levels of customer service. These qualities have already earned Westcor International the trust from leading law firms and brokers across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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