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 A Solicitor to Solicitor Perspective on the Power of Title Insurance with Senior Underwriter and Solicitor Aisling Monahan

A Solicitor to Solicitor Perspective on the Power of Title Insurance with Senior Underwriter and Solicitor Aisling Monahan


Image: Aisling Monahan, Senior Underwriter

As a solicitor turned underwriter, Aisling Monahan leads all operations for Westcor International in Ireland and has an unparalleled empathy for her legal clients’ challenges. 

Having spent a decade in private practice before joining Westcor International, she is all too familiar with the time-consuming and costly nature of issues like missing deeds or boundary disputes to name a few.

“After being in the shoes of Ireland’s real estate solicitors, I have first-hand experience of just how taxing certain transactions can be, and it’s great to now be in a position where I can help to solve some of these ‘problem’ cases,” shares Aisling, who graduated from the National University of Ireland Galway before honing her legal skills at leading Irish law firms.

As title insurance becomes more prevalent in Ireland, Westcor International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of America’s largest independent title insurance company, is perfectly poised to capture a dominant share of the market – and it’s easy to see why, given the company’s flexible approach to underwriting. 

As Aisling knows from her years of experience, property transactions are driven by the desire of all key parties to complete the deal in a timely and practical fashion. Westcor International’s title insurance products align seamlessly with this demand from Ireland’s domestic and international developers – helping their solicitors to mitigate title defects, satisfy lenders and find peace of mind to reach completions with confidence.  

With such  beneficial solutions to offer, it’s no wonder Aisling is optimistic and excited for the coming year. For her and her growing team, it’s no doubt that the next few months will be full of new opportunities, as their products continue to complement the efforts of property law professionals. 

If you would like to discuss a specific title issue or to learn more about the range of risks that can be covered in the Republic of Ireland by Westcor International, Aisling can be contacted on 086 – 440 3715 or by email on

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